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Roadway Design Defects

New York City Roadway Design Defect Lawyers

Car Accidents Caused by Issues with the Road

Rubenstein & Rynecki in New York City offers legal representation to
locals from all walks of life who have been in
car accidents that were not their fault. But that doesn’t mean that we only take
cases against negligent drivers. We are also accustomed to taking difficult
claims that involve unexpected liable parties like when a roadway design
defect causes the crash.

Potholes in the streets of New York City are a common sight, but that is
not an excuse. If a pothole or another type of roadway issue caused your
crash, then the public entity in charge of that stretch of road should
be held liable. It would be our honor to build a claim in your name and
take it against whatever party should be paying for your damages.

For more information about how to handle such a difficult and complex case, call
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Different Types of Unsafe Road Defects

Take a look at the road almost anywhere in New York City, and you will
probably see some sort of defect or damage. Even when transportation departments
are actively repairing and maintaining roads, defects are common. You
do not need to search around for a firm that can handle your claim, though.
Our New York City road defect accident attorneys know how to handle cases
involving all sorts

Let us know if any of these roadway defects or design issues caused your crash:

  • Potholes: As mentioned, potholes are a big problem in New York City, as well as most
    other cities across the state. Hitting a pothole while traveling at a
    high speed can cause a driver to lose control of their vehicle and crash.
  • Damaged or missing guardrails: Along curves, off-ramps, and other portions of the road, guardrails should
    be positioned to prevent motorists from driving off the road. If your
    crash was worsened due to a missing or damaged guardrail, then you could
    have a claim for compensation.
  • Unclear lane markers: Drivers can become understandably confused if the lane markers are unclear
    or have not been repainted in years. While trying to figure out how to
    stay within a lane, a driver could inadvertently cause or get into an accident.
  • Confusing traffic signs: It can also be confusing to figure out what rules of the road you should
    follow if the road signs and traffic lights are damaged, missing, or are
    otherwise placed in an unclear manner. The City has an obligation to make
    sure that all road signs are consistent and easily followed.

Who is Liable for a Roadway Defect Crash?

When a road defect causes a car accident, the opposition in the resulting
injury claims could be a public entity or municipality. Specifically,
the New York State Department of Transportation or the New York City Department
of Transportation might be the organizations in charge of ensuring the
roads are safe for public use. Filing a claim against these groups is
inherently challenging because government bodies have more protection
from liability than the average individual or business.

Statutes of limitations against public entities are often much shorter
than usual, too. You could have as little as 30 days to file a complaint,
so it is imperative that you act quickly and speak with our team.

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The best time to learn about how to file a defective roadway accident claim
in New York City is right now. You can dial
(718) 522-1020 and speak with our New York City roadway defect accident attorneys about what happened. We would be happy to
speak with you about your circumstances and figure out the best approach
to get you the compensation that you need and deserve.

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