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New York City Amputation Attorneys

Catastrophic Injury Claims Involving Limb Loss

Living with an amputation injury will change your life forever. Even if
you are able to get an advanced prosthetic to replace the missing limb,
hand, foot, or digit, your life will not be the same. Day-to-day complications
can arise, as well as debilitating chronic pain.

If your amputation was caused by another party’s negligence, then
you could be owed significant compensation from them. Let Rubenstein &
Rynecki and our New York City amputation attorneys help you form and follow
your claim to a positive conclusion. Thanks to our extensive legal experience,
we can challenge the most stubborn and powerful insurance companies and
oppositions, all while you rest and focus on other important matters in
your life.

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Three Types of Accident-Related Amputations

An amputation is the loss of a limb, foot, hand, or digit. Not all amputations
are caused by negligence, which would not call for an amputation injury
claim or lawsuit. However, if you know your amputation was caused by someone
else’s mistake or at least suspect it, then you should feel free
to reach out to our firm. We handle cases originating from all sorts of
amputations and incidents.

Three of the main causes of amputations that call for an injury claim are:

  • Negligent-related accidents: The vast majority of amputation claims and lawsuits involve limb loss caused
    by violent trauma. For example,
    car accidents,
    truck accidents, and
    motorcycle accidents are all common causes of catastrophic, life-changing injuries like amputations.
    If you were in an accident that someone else caused and you lost a limb,
    hand, or digit because of it, then we want to hear from you right away.
  • Workplace-related accidents: If you suffered a workplace accident that caused an amputation, then you
    might be eligible to receive
    workers’ compensation benefits. Our attorneys can review your workers’ comp coverage and make sure
    that you are given the full benefits owed to you. We know how to overcome
    objections and complications put forth by employers and workers’
    comp insurance providers alike.
  • Medical malpractice: As upsetting as it might be, medical negligence on behalf of a doctor or
    surgeon can cause an amputation that could have been avoided. Wrongful
    amputations like surgically amputating the wrong limb or digit are more
    common than you might think. Also, a
    cancer misdiagnosis and other forms of
    misdiagnoses can indirectly cause an amputation, too. For example, if a doctor fails
    to notice cancer cells growing in a limb and that limb later needs to
    be amputated to stop cancer from spreading more, then the doctor could
    be liable.

Compensation Owed to Amputees

The outcome of an amputation is always devastating. As such, it is only
fair to assume that the compensation owed to you as an amputee should
be significant. Our attorneys do not rush any part of the injury claim
process, especially not when calculating the damages owed to you for your
losses. We want to make sure that you get every penny of compensation,
so you have the best chance of feeling a sense of closure when the case finishes.

Damages owed to you from the liable party might include:

  • Past and future medical costs
  • Rehabilitative therapy costs
  • Medical prosthetic costs
  • Lost wages
  • Reduced income capacity
  • Emotional suffering
  • Physical pain
  • Lessened enjoyment of life
  • Permanent disability complications
  • And more

Work with Trusted New York City Amputation Lawyers

There will not be a simple path to compensation if you have suffered an
amputation due to another party’s mistakes. You can assume that
the liable party will use every tactic imaginable to avoid paying you
or admitting liability. No one wants to admit to causing a life-changing
injury like an amputation, after all.

To give yourself a fair chance of getting the money owed to you, team up
with the New York City amputation attorneys of Rubenstein & Rynecki.
It would be our honor to act as the legal allies you depend on during
this difficult time.

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