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C-Section Injuries

New York City C-Section Injury Attorneys

C-Section Injuries Suffered by New Mothers & Infants

A C-section or Cesarean section is a specialized form of surgery to deliver
a newborn without the use of the birth canal. When done correctly, C-sections
can preserve the mother’s health and that of her child, as well
as potentially make the recovery process for the mother smoother. When
done incorrectly, though, C-sections can cause more harm than good to
both the mother and her child.

Rubenstein & Rynecki in New York City proudly offers comprehensive
and compassionate legal counsel to families who have suffered from a C-section
mistake or injury. Whether you were hurt by a doctor’s mishap or
your child was born with a
birth injury because of it, we can help form and pursue your case.

Discuss your options with our NYC C-section injury lawyers now. Dial
(718) 522-1020.

When an Emergency C-Section is Necessary

In many cases, a C-section injury occurs during a rushed C-section. Or,
oppositely, an injury can occur because an emergency C-section is medically
necessary, but it is not conducted on time. We can work with medical experts
to get a full understanding of your situation and health conditions, as
well as those of your child. If the C-section injury was caused because
the operation was needlessly delayed, then the medical team that failed
to make that call could be held liable for your damages and losses, including
those that will be incurred in the future.

Three situations that usually require an emergency C-section are:

  • Fetal distress: If an unborn child shows signs of fetal distress before or during labor,
    then the response might be an emergency C-section to quickly extract the
    child. Failing to monitor the child’s vital signs for the first
    indications of fetal distress can and often does constitute
    medical malpractice that can be answered with a lawsuit.
  • Placental complications: The placenta crucially delivers oxygen and nutrition to the unborn child
    before labor. If there is an issue with the placenta and it is not providing
    enough oxygen or nutrition, then an emergency C-section might be necessary.
  • Umbilical cord issues: Problems with the umbilical cord can also make it medically necessary to
    perform an emergency C-section. For example, if the umbilical cord becomes
    restricted and interferes with the unborn child’s nutritional needs,
    then urgent medical intervention could be needed. The same is true if
    the umbilical cord gets wrapped around the infant’s neck during delivery.

C-Section Mistake & Delay Injuries

When a C-section mistake happens, the consequences can be severe. In the
worst-case scenario, the infant’s or mother’s life can be
put in peril, such as if the infant is suffocating due to umbilical cord
strangulation. Even in moderate to “minor” C-section injury
cases, the consequences of a single mistake can cause permanent complications,
so every case needs to be taken seriously.

C-section injury risks to the infant include:

  • Fetal distress
  • Asphyxiation
  • Lacerations
  • Anesthesia reaction

C-section injury risks to the new mother include:

  • Severe infection
  • Lacerations
  • Amniotic fluid embolism
  • Uterine inflammation
  • Internal bleeding
  • Future pregnancy risks

Let Us Help Prepare & Pursue Your Case

If you think you or your child were injured due to an erroneous or delayed
C-section, then you should dial
(718) 522-1020 now. Connect with our New York City C-section injury attorneys as soon
as possible. By waiting too long to progress your case, you could make
it more difficult to prove that the medical provider or institution did
something wrong. Useful evidence tends to become scarcer as time passes,
so please act today.

Remember: Initial consultations with our firm are free and require no obligation from you.

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