Many motorcyclists enjoy taking part in group rides, whether it’s with friends or as part of a large motorcycle rally. However, whenever you pack the road with a large number of riders, the likelihood of an accident increases. Therefore, it’s important to practice good safety while riding your motorcycle in a large group.

The following are some tips that will help you to  stay safe  while out on a group ride:

  • Plan ahead.  Make sure that everyone in the group knows the route you’re taking and where you plan to stop along the way. This will help prevent riders from getting distracted by trying to figure out where they are and where they are going.
  • Ride smart.  Never change the way that you ride or make safe decisions, and never move at speeds faster than your comfort level. Your personal safety comes before everything else.
  • Plan the way the group is set up.  Let the riders with the most group riding experience take the lead and the tail of the group. Then, place the most inexperienced riders next to those with the most experience so that they will be as comfortable as possible while out on the ride.
  • Leave plenty of space.  There should always be at least a two-second cushion between you and anyone ahead of or behind you. This gives plenty of room for riders to react to sudden hazards or changes in traffic patterns.
  • Split into smaller packs.  If you are in a particularly large group of riders, consider organizing into smaller groups of five to seven motorcyclists each. This will help everyone be accountable for each other and make sure that no one gets left behind.
  • Communicate.  Make sure everyone knows and uses the same hand signals for turns, exits, passing and other maneuvers.

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