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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Injured Construction Workers Can Still Sue For Damages Outside The Workers’ Compensation System in Cases in Which a Party Other Than The Employer Was Responsible For The Injury

The Worker’s Compensation program was established to help reduce litigation costs when an employee is injured on the job. It functions essentially as insurance, where employers pay a monthly premium and employees can draw compensation when they can prove they were injured on the job while engaged in responsible work activities (“responsible” meaning that the… Read More »

Feds probe fatal shooting by cop

Study Shows Medical Malpractice Litigation Improves Healthcare

The debate in the New York State legislature in June 2013 around Lavern’s Law, so named for a Kings County Hospital patient who died due to a missed lung cancer diagnosis, centers around a quirk in the state’s patients in the Empire State must file suit within 30 months of a medical mistake occurring, creating… Read More »

Holy Crapnel!

Bike Accident Litigation: What Might Happen With City Bike Renters?

Just days after the City Bike Renters program launch from 330 kiosks throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, the CITI Bike program had its first accident. While that might be disturbing consider that in approximately the same period of time (the program’s first three days) about 6,000 rides were taken lasting an average 20 minutes with 13,768… Read More »

Tragic $4M MTA to Pay in Track Worker’s Fall on 3rd Rail

Hospitals’ $131M Errors

Subway and Train Crash Injury Claims Have a Short 90 Days Limit For Filing a Notice of Claim For Victims Entitled to Damages

The history of subway train transportation is wrought with examples of accidents which have caused death and serious injuries. Nine people died in a Washington, D.C. metro train in 2009 during a rush hour crash. Accidents such as Morningside Heights crash of the No. 1 train or the Metro-North crash in Bridgeport, Connecticut, both in… Read More »