Drugs are important to treat illness. However, at times drug companies place drugs on the market without sufficient research and monitoring. The result may be adverse side effects from the use of a particular drug. Accutane was one of the leading drugs prescribed to treat patients with severe forms of acne. The use of Accutane has been linked to serious gastrointestinal side effects.

Accutane the brand name for the drug Isotretinoin was initially developed by pharmaceutical manufacturer Hoffman-LaRoche Inc. and FDA approved for use in the United States in 1982. It was also marketed by Hoffman-LaRoche as Roaccutane.

Accutane is produced under a wide variety of names that include the following: Isotretinoin, amnesteem, claravis, clarus, decutan, izotek, oratane, and sotret. It is estimated that approximately 13 million people were treated with the drug between 1982 and 2009.

Accutane side effects may be severe, and the acne drug has been linked to devastating birth defect and even suicide. Accutane was taken off the market by Hoffman-LaRoche in the summer of 2009 after numerous studies were published alleging that the drug was tied to the development of several incurable inflammatory diseases. Individuals who have taken Accutane and suffered from crohn’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and ulcerative colitis may have a legal right to receive money damages.

If you or someone you love has taken Accutane and suffered serious side effects a lawyer should be consulted. Most lawyers offer victims free consultations to determine if a lawsuit is appropriate and then will handle such a lawsuit in a contingent fee basis which means if there is no recovery there is no legal fee.

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