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Gas Explosions

Gas Explosion Attorneys in New York

Aggressive Trial Lawyers Challenge Major Utility Companies

Due to its aging infrastructure, New York City is at great risk from gas
explosions and fires. Too often we see stories on the news of how a gas
explosion rocked a city block and fueled a fire that destroyed property
and took innocent lives. When this type of tragedy strikes you or your
family, the seasoned trial lawyers at Rubenstein & Rynecki are prepared
to help. The major utility companies that supply natural gas for the five
boroughs have a powerful interest in limiting your compensation. Their
legal departments will use any excuse to deny responsibility and avoid
paying damages. Fortunately, our law firm has the experience and resources
to challenge these corporate giants. We know how to fight and win high
profile cases, and we make every effort to maximize your compensation.

Old Pipes, New Construction and Potential Disaster

A quick look at Consolidated Edison’s natural gas infrastructure
can help us understand the scope of the problem New Yorkers face. ConEd
has 4,262 miles of pipeline, and 50.6 percent of it is bare metal pipe,
either cast iron or steel, which is much more vulnerable to leaking than
modern pipes composed of plastic or corrosion resistant steel. By comparison,
the national average for bare metal pipes is seven percent. More worrisome
is that 52 percent of ConEd’s piping was installed prior to 1970,
much higher than the national average of 37.9 percent. ConEd has the highest
rate of lost gas among NYC distributors at 2.8 percent, which is 26 percent
higher than the national average. ConEd also ranks first with 456.12 hazardous
leaks per year, an enormous number compared to the national average of 35.18.

ConEd has accelerated the pace of its pipe replacement, but in the meantime,
New Yorkers must live atop a fragile gas pipeline system woven throughout
the five boroughs, where constant construction adds unremitting stress.
This is a recipe for disaster.

Determining the Cause of a Gas Explosion

To obtain compensation for your losses, you must determine what person
or entity is liable for the explosion. That work starts with locating
the cause of the explosion. The utility company is not automatically responsible,
since there are other possible causes for a gas leak, such as:

  • Tenant leaves a stove on in an unventilated room
  • Repairs to a building ruptures a gas line
  • Construction site accident damages a gas line
  • Defective or damaged water heater leaks gas which accumulates in the basement

Determining the cause of an explosion or fire requires swift action, since
evidence is easily lost when a building is razed. As experienced attorneys,
we know the proper steps for preserving evidence. We build your case on
a strong foundation, then fight aggressively to hold the responsible parties

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