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Speeding Accidents

New York City Speeding Accident Lawyers

Catastrophic Crashes Caused by Speeding Drivers

Speeding is one of the most common forms of reckless driving. Not coincidentally,
speeding is also one of the most common causes of preventable
car accidents. If you were hit by a speeding driver, then you are not alone, and you
might have legal options to get compensation from them.

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accident attorneys. We can investigate your case to see if your injuries
are severe enough to warrant a
personal injury claim beyond the compensation you can get through your personal injury protection
(PIP) insurance. From that point, we can start to build your case to prove
liability and the full extent of compensation that you are owed. Your
case might end in a settlement or award, and we can help you in either

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Evidence That Proves the Other Driver was Speeding

Most drivers do not want to admit that they were speeding, even when they
know they absolutely were breaking the speed limit. They know that if
they admit to speeding, they could be held liable for the damages
and end up in handcuffs for breaking the law. If you want to file a claim
against someone for causing a speeding accident, then you need to be prepared
to counter their arguments from start to finish. Tangible evidence could
be what tips the case in your favor.

Specific evidence that could help with a speeding accident claim includes:

  • Dashcam footage: Let our attorneys know right away if you have a dashcam installed in your
    vehicle. It might have captured footage of the other driver just before
    they hit you. Analyzing the footage can reveal their approximate speed.
  • Eyewitness testimonies: People on the street and other motorists might have had a clear view of
    your accident. They could provide testimonies that describe how they saw
    the other driver breaking the speed limit before they hit you.
  • Tire marks: The simplest evidence available might be the most effective for your case.
    Tire marks left at the scene of a crash can be inspected for evidence.
    Both the density and the length of a tire mark can be used to calculate
    the approximate speed of the driver when they slammed the brakes.
  • Crash reconstruction engineers: The damage to the vehicles involved in the crash can tell a story, too.
    Expert engineers and crash reconstruction specialists can evaluate the
    damage to determine how much force must have been applied to cause it,
    which can then be translated to speed.

Why is Speeding Automatically Dangerous?

Speed limits are set for a reason. Before the speed limit for any given
road, street, thoroughfare, or highway is decided, civil engineers will
study the roads. Using the average expected traffic and weather conditions,
as well as the size and shape of the road itself, they will decide what
the speed limit should be.

This careful process of setting a speed limit is used to keep everyone
on the road safe. Because traveling faster than the calculated speed limit
is inherently unsafe, breaking the speed limit is inherently negligent.

New York Car Accident Statute of Limitations

In New York, injured drivers have three years to file a personal injury
claim and/or a property damage claim after an accident. Just as the driver
who hit you was speeding, the time limit to file your claim can speed
by, too. While you are focusing on resting and recovering, it can be too
easy to lose track of time. This is why we advise anyone who has been
in a crash to speak to our attorneys as soon as possible, so we can work
on your case and ensure that the statute of limitations does not expire.

New Yorkers Standing Up for New Yorkers

At Rubenstein & Rynecki, we believe that New York City has the strongest
people in the world living within its boroughs. But that doesn’t
mean that we don’t all need some help from time to time. In fact,
our willingness to help others in need is part of what makes us so strong!
If you have been hurt by a speeding driver, please let our New York City
speeding accident lawyers know what happened today.

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(718) 522-1020 to ask about how to start a claim.

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