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Drowsy Driving Accidents

New York City Drowsy Driving Accident Lawyers

When Fatigue Causes an Accident, Call Our Team

Everyone can relate to getting a little tired while driving at the end
of a long day. But responsible drivers know not to drive when fatigued
or exhausted. If a driver causes a
car accident because they were drowsy, then it can be seen as a form of negligence
that puts all liability for the resulting damages on their shoulders.

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Dangers of Drowsy Driving

It is often said by traffic safety organizations like the National Safety
Council (NSC) that drowsy driving can be just as dangerous as drunk driving.
This is because the effects of drowsiness on a driver are similar to what
alcohol does to the brain.

A driver who is exhausted will have trouble with:

  • Judging speed and distances
  • Driving in a straight line
  • Gradually braking
  • Seeing traffic lights and signs clearly

The stronger the driver’s fatigue, the stronger the symptoms of it.
The dangers of drowsy driving increase almost exponentially, too, based
on how little sleep the driver has had in the last 24 hours. For example,
drivers who slept for fewer than 6 hours tend to be twice as likely to
cause a crash as drivers who got around 7 hours of sleep, which is still
less than the recommended nightly amount to promote good health and safe driving.

How Do You Prove the Other Driver was Drowsy?

The basis of any strong car accident claim is the evidence that backs the
claimant’s word. In a drowsy driving accident case, it can be challenging
to find and utilize such evidence. Most people don’t keep sleep
journals, and most drowsy drivers will bend the truth when interviewed
about whether or not they were exhausted at the time of the wreck. How
can you prove that the other driver was drowsy, then?

Our attorneys can use various means to look for evidence that will move
your case beyond your word against the other driver’s statements.
For example, we might be able to review video footage from the scene of
the crash to see if the other driver mentions how tired they are or if
they are showing obvious signs of fatigue like excessive yawning and a
wobbly stance. Along the same line, we can also see if any police reports
about the crash mention that the other driver was falling asleep while
talking to the officer. If a police officer notices this behavior, then
they will typically make a note of it in their report because they know
it could be important for an injury claim later.

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To make everything simpler for our clients, we offer contingency fee agreements
for injury claims. Under a contingency fee agreement, you don’t
owe any attorney fees unless we win your case. When paired with our
free, no-obligation case reviews, you can pursue justice and compensation after being in a drowsy driving
accident with virtually no risk to your finances. Don’t wait to
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