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Product Liability

We all know about situations where a product does not perform as it should. When damage or injury is caused, our law recognizes that those who manufacture and/or distribute the defective product may be held responsible for damages for the injury, since they are in the best position to protect against harm or dangers as well as to pay money damages when their product fail.

Consider the case of the young teenager while using a hair dryer in her home, sustained severe third degree burns to her hands when this product burst into flames. Her parents had the foresight to consult our office shortly thereafter. At our first meeting, they brought the hair dryer, without which, it would have been very difficult, if not impossible, to prove it was defective. Upon consulting an expert, he advised that the product’s wiring and/or loose electrical connections allowed it to overhead and catch on fire. We sued the manufacturer, as well as the neighborhood store where the hair dryer had been purchased, claiming that this product was defective as improperly or poorly designed that there was a mistake in its manufacture or assembly, and/or the manufacturer or distributor placed the product into the marketplace without adequate warnings. Based upon our expert’s opinion, we were successful in achieving a favorable outcome for our client.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, protect your rights. Secure and safeguard the defective product. In situations where the injury occurs outside your home, for example, in the workplace, it is particularly important to be vigilant and contact an attorney promptly. A separate court proceeding may need to be commenced, as soon as possible, to compel preservation of the product and to direct the person, or entity, in possession or control of the product, to grant access so it can be inspected and tested before it is destroy, altered or disposed of.

If you believe that you or a loved one have been injured by any defective product, whether a piece of heavy machinery or a seemingly harmless household item, you should consult a New York product liability attorney. A timely phone call could be very important to protect your rights.

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