Two years ago, in Spring 2012, Tamon Robinson was killed by a New York City Police Department patrol car outside a housing project in Canarsie, Brooklyn. Now, his family has reached a $2 million settlement after filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the city.

But  the case  may not be over quite yet. According to the lawyers for the family, the Robinsons may still push the Brooklyn district attorney to file criminal charges against the police officers driving the car that day.

According to records from the incident, which occurred on an early morning in April 2012, the police arrived to Bayview Houses as a response to a call that someone had been stealing the paving stones located around the grounds. Robinson, who had a side business selling debris from construction sites to various scrap dealers in the city, had already been arrested several times for similar behavior. On this day, he had allegedly been digging up stones on the Bayview Houses property.

Officers pursued the unarmed Robinson in their vehicle on to the walkway. The officers say they were attempting to block the entrance to the building with the vehicle, but had a collision with Robinson in the process. Robinson later died of head injuries he suffered in the collision.

According to family lawyers, the evidence contradicts official police reports – including physical evidence of a large dent in the police car. The city even attempted to bill Robinson for the damages done to the car. So while the $2 million  wrongful death  settlement has already been reached, it appears that there may be grounds for further legal action.

If you lost a loved one in an accident or incident in New York City that could have been prevented, consult an attorney to learn about holding those responsible accountable.