Cecilia Reyes, mother of Noel Polanco, a National Guardsman, claims Hassan Hamdy was “negligent” and “reckless” when he discharged a single shot at 22-year-old Noel Polanco during a traffic stop on the Grand Central Parkway last fall.

Noel Polanco

Reyes is slamming the city and her son’s killer with a $20 million lawsuit, reported by the Daily News.

The veteran detective tearfully told the panel that he felt threatened and fired because Noel Polanco, was reaching under the car seat after being ordered to keep his hands on the steering wheel.

“We look forward to examining the detective under oath with regard to his claim that Noel Polanco was reaching under his seat,” said attorney Sanford Rubenstein. He went on to say, “Logically, since there was no gun in the car, it doesn’t make sense for Mr. Polanco to be reaching for anything prior to being shot and killed.”