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$16 Million Bully Claim Filed Against New York City, Which Resulted in the Loss of Eye Sight of a 14 Year Old Boy.

New York junior high school student files a sixteen million dollar claim against the city of New York and the department of education for damages all supervision resulting in him being bullied and assaulted causing him to lose sight in his left eye.

News paper clipping

On June 5th, Kardin Ulysse was left blind in one eye after two bullies shouting anti-gay epithets pounced on him. One schoolmate pinned the victim’s arms down while the other unleashed punches to Kardin’s face leaving broken shards of lens from his glasses, which damaged his cornea. They have now taken legal representation with Sanford Rubenstein of the Rubenstein & Rynecki law firm.

“For me to send him to school with two eyes and come back with one eye is really absurd” – Father of Kardin; Pierre Ulysse.

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