Horrific accidents happen every day – car and construction accidents, negligence on the street or in the workplace.   However, some of the most disturbing injuries are caused by medical malpractice.   Individuals who place themselves in the hands of trusted professionals find that trust is misplaced – and life will never be the same.

Any medical or surgical procedure has risks and most people worry about the possibility of a mistake. While most of that worry is unfounded, some is not.   From wrong-site surgery to  healthcare-associated infection, to misdiagnosis – medical malpractice can cause irreversible injury and death.

For decades, we have listened to the stories, investigated the facts, and successfully represented injured clients in New York.   Consider several of our medical malpractice cases:

  • A young woman paralyzed at a Manhattan hospital, $4.5 million
  • The family of a young mother was awarded $5 million after her death during childbirth at a Bronx hospital
  • A Brooklyn longshoreman suffered a severe stroke after failure to diagnose vascular disease, $1.5 million

Because no two people, or cases, are alike, past success cannot predict the outcome of your case.   However, we have a long and successful track record of winning fair compensation for people terribly injured by negligent healthcare. If you suffer injury through negligence or medical malpractice, talk to us about how we can help.