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Attorney Sanford Rubenstein Addresses the Press During the Abner Louima NYPD Police Torture Proceeding

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Attorney  Sanford A. Rubenstein  the  senior partner  at the Brooklyn  law  firm of Rubenstein  & Rynecki is one of New  York's most  sought  after advocates for victim's  rights in personal  injury and civil rights  mat­  ters. Described by  the Melvin  M. Belli  Society of the American  Trial Lawyers Association  as one of  the Nation's 25 top trial lawyers, he has been described by New York Post's Page Six as "a high powered personal injury lawyer" and by the New York Daily News, a "famed attorney." He has also been called a "legend" by Television Host Wendy  Williams.

Rubenstein has handled numerous multi million dollar high profile cases in which he has  represented victims  in tragic  occurrences  in New  York City including  the police torture of  a man  who was  sodomized  by  a New York City police officer in a police precinct bathroom for which  he got a 8.75 million  dollar settlement  and the fifty  shot police  shooting that killed  one man  the night before  his wedding, and wounded  his two  friends settled for 7.15 million. He also obtained the highest settlement  for negligence  and  malpractice  in the State of New York for 2012, a 17.9 million dollar award for negligence and malpractice  for a woman  who suffered the amputation  of her hands  and feet. In 2014 he and his  malpractice  team  was  successful  in obtain­ ing a 62 million  dollar jury  verdict  for a woman  who suffered  a bilateral  amputation  and hearing  loss.

Appearing frequently on national and local T.V. News, he has been quoted in all of New York's daily newspapers. Rubenstein has been a guest  advocating  victims  rights  on Good Morning America,  Larry  King Live, Geraldo At large, Inside Edition and Montel. He has appeared as a legal  analyst on CNN, Fox  and  MSNBC. He has been a regular panelist on the Fox Show "Strategy Room". Rubenstein has lectured and par­ ticipated in panels for the New  York  State Trial  Lawyers, the Harvard  Law  School Criminal  Justice Institute and Brooklyn  Law  School .

The recipient of numerous awards, Rubenstein has been recognized for his humanitarian efforts and work in social justice by civil rights organizations including among others, The NAACP, Rev. Sharpton's National  Action  Network  and The Foundation  for Ethnic  Understanding.

In 2013 and 2015 he was named one of the top  100 litigators for New  York by the American  Society   of Legal Advocates. He was recently named a Fellow of  the New  York Bar Foundation  an honor recognizing  his  career of  outstanding  professional  achievements  as an attorney.

He is the author of a book entitled "The Outrageous Rubenstein" in which  he writes  about his experi­  ence as a media savvy trial lawyer fighting for justice and change. A profile  of him published  in the American  Bar Association  Periodical  "Minority Trial Lawyer"  described  him  as follows:

"Prolific, legendary, change-maker, and even outrageous are all accurate  descriptions  of the renowned civil rights  attorney  based  in New  York, Sanford Rubenstein.  "Rubenstein's career has been  punctuated  by many heart-wrenching,  high  profile cases  in which  he has represented  countless victims  of wrongful  acts. Yet,  it is Rubenstein's  mastery  of the trial outside of  the courtroom-under  the  scrunity  of  a jury  comprising  the press, the  public,  and policymakers-that  sets him  apart from other  civil rights  attorneys."

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Scott Rynecki was selected a 2013 Super Lawyer by other injury attorneys. This honor is only given to the top 5% of attorneys.