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‘Avonte’ Echo

  Sanford Rubenstein states: “Children with disabilities must be under the supervision of school personnel at all time.  Leaving a 5 year old who suffers from cerebral palsy unattended in school to wander around on his own is unacceptable and should not be happening in our schools.  What happened to Avonte Oquendo, must never happen… Read More »

‘Bloody Shame’: Senior will sue for $5 million

Sanford Rubenstein states: “How could this happen in a city that has a new mayor who is a proud progressive and a new police commissioner who has committed to improve police community relations. All charges against this victim must be dropped. The focus of the Mayor and the police Commissioner must be how we prevent… Read More »

2014 Verdict: $62 Million For Medical Malpractice

Sanford Rubenstein, attorney for Stacey Galette, states: “This verdict was appropriate given the devastating injuries she has suffered and will have to live with for the rest of her life.”  

When a Mother Dies in Childbirth, a Lawsuit Can Help Survivors Get Damages

Recent research indicates that childbirth is more likely to cause death to a mother in New York City than ten years ago. The reasons cited by the New York Women’s Foundation (NYWF), which analyzed health data from across all boroughs of the city, are poor health habits (including obesity) and women giving birth later in… Read More »

A New Law Is Needed

We have always taken the position that trial lawyers who represent victims have a responsibility not only to achieve appropriate damage awards for those who have suffered wrong doing at the hands of others, be it families who have lost a loved one, or the victims themselves, to work for change so what happened to… Read More »

Burn Injuries by Any Cause Can be Painful, Costly and the Basis for a Monetary Recovery

While we typically consider fire and very hot surfaces to be the source of skin burns, the cause can be anything from chemicals to electrocution to ice. In fact, the skin is a vital organ of the human body that can suffer serious and debilitating injury by any number of means. Annually, about 224,000 Americans… Read More »

Family of Brooklyn dad sues city for $10M after the father of 8 fatally collapsed during police raid

A pothole led to death? Come on!

Legal Recourse for Injuries Sustained From a Dog Bite

Dogs may be a man’s best friend, but a vicious dog can bring about life-threatening injuries and even death. A wrenching story in New York magazine detailed the experience of one Manhattanite when her beloved mixed-breed dog was attacked by a pack of dogs owned by a homeless man. Her tale of not being able… Read More »

Injured Construction Workers Can Still Sue For Damages Outside The Workers’ Compensation System in Cases in Which a Party Other Than The Employer Was Responsible For The Injury

The Worker’s Compensation program was established to help reduce litigation costs when an employee is injured on the job. It functions essentially as insurance, where employers pay a monthly premium and employees can draw compensation when they can prove they were injured on the job while engaged in responsible work activities (“responsible” meaning that the… Read More »