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NYPD settles for 225G for a broken jaw


Jessica Williams called an NYPD cop a "rookie" before being arrested. She was stopped on for riding on the side walk and didn't have

Jessical Williams DNher ID with her when asked and after Jessica made the comment that the police officer was only harassing her because he was a rookie, he decided to arrest her. According to the arresting officer, Desmond Nichols, she appeared to cock her elbow back as if to strike the officer.

Nochols said that he was acting in self defense and called the blow to Jessica as "lightly medium." As a result of the strike to Jessica's face, her jaw was broken and was later wired shut. Jessica was not charged with resisting arrest in this ordeal.

Jessica took counsil with the Sanford Rubenstein of Rubenstein & Rynecki, an injury and civil rights law firm located in New York.


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