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Nursing Home Negligence

It is an inescapable truth that time eventually catches up with all of us and, to varying degrees, reclaims a portion of our mental and physical capabilities. Also, sometimes tragedy occurs and results in a devastating injury leaving a person or their loved on incapable of attending to even the most basic activities of ordinary living. In these situations, admittance to a nursing home may be the only option available to obtain 24/7 care and treatment that will best address the needs, capabilities, health and safety of the compromised individual. The unfortunate reality is that many patients who find themselves in such a facility are unable to make their needs or concerns known. Unfortunately, under such circumstance, this may result in their not obtaining the level of care and attention they require.

If you believe that you or a loved one have been the victim of inadequate or negligent care in the course of such a confinement in a nursing home you should consult an attorney to discuss your rights. Most law offices offer free consultations, as does ours. Sometimes a timely phone call is very important to protect patients’ rights and securing the attention the patient deserves.

Consider the case of a woman in her seventies who was transferred to a nursing home following a stroke. Three months into the admission, her family discovered that she had developed severe ulcers and pressure sores from not being properly rotated in her bed. Regrettably, the wounds progress; she developed a server infection which untimely claimed her life. The woman’s family was able to settle the matter for a substantial sum of money.

The tragic outcome would have been avoided if this patient had received the level of care to which she was entitled. Quick action and vigilance is often necessary to protect the people we care most about. It is most important to go over the facts with a lawyer, so that action on behalf of a patient can be taken, if appropriate.

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