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Construction company reneges promise to pay for funeral service.

Deanna Simms lost her husband, Winston Gellett, in a construction accident when a building collapsed on top of him. The accident

R&R construction accidents photowas contributed to the beams that hold up the top floor not being properly supported. Winston's boss, Philip Rodrigues quickly consoled Deanna promising the company would cover all the costs for a funeral.

“It was a relief, because I was wondering where the funds were going to come from – Simms told the Daily News.

Deanna is 69 years old widow who live on Social Security and suffers from high blood pressure does not have the funds to pay for the funeral service. She was forced to take out a loan in the amount of $11,500 to cover the costs of a grave, casket, musician, minister, and the hearse.

“At a time of terrible grief for this family, for the company to renege on their promise is unconscionable” – lawyer Sanford Rubenstein

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