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Scared to Death

“Suit in cop’s soldier slay”

Coverup in Hit & Run

National Guardsman Shot by Detective

Rev. Sharpton’s National Action Network’s national convention in New York City

Participating as a panelist on April 4th at Rev. Sharpton’s National Action Network’s national convention in New York City, Crisis and  Criminal Justice Panel, attorney Sandord Rubenstein second from the left (next to Nicole Bell mother of the children of 50 shot victim Sean Bell), listens as the Rev. Al Sharpton leads the panel along… Read More »

$20 million suit against NYPD detective who killed an unarmed National Guardsman

Cecilia Reyes, mother of Noel Polanco, a National Guardsman, claims Hassan Hamdy was “negligent” and “reckless” when he  discharged a single shot at 22-year-old Noel Polanco during a traffic stop on the Grand Central Parkway last fall. Reyes is slamming the city and her son’s killer with a $20 million lawsuit, reported by the Daily… Read More »

NYC Police Officer Rams Motorist Resulting in Death.

Family of Leonel Cuevas to call for a criminal investigation by the Bronx District Attorney’s office with regard to actions of Police Officer Sabrina Alices regarding the operation of a New York City Police vehicle with regard to the wrongful death of Ronald Herrera and near fatal injuries of Leonel Cuevas, (age 17) hospitalized since October… Read More »

Army National Guard Sargent Killed By NYPD Detective

NYPD Detective is to meet with presecutors regarding the Queens Grand Jury to be conveined in January 2013 for the death of Noel Polanco. Noel was pulled over on Grand Central Parkway by off-duty detective, Hassam Hamdy. Detective Hamdy claims he ordered Noel to put his hands up, but that he reach down. However, witness Diane… Read More »

Excessive Force: $1.2 Million Verdict against New York Police Department

In February 2012, Stephanie Adams, a former Playboy Playmate, was awarded a $1.2 million verdict against the City of New York for excessive force of a police officer. Represented by Rubenstein and Rynecki partner Sanford Rubenstein and trial attorney Nina Neumunz, Ms. Adams was awarded $1.2 million after she suffered permanent neck and back injury… Read More »

Rubenstein and Rynecki—Protecting the Wrongfully Injured

Our firm represents people who suffer injuries and wrongful death caused by accidents, medical malpractice, and police brutality. Practicing in New York since 1972, we protect client rights, fight for fair compensation, and help create a safer society for us all. Well-known for tireless commitment to individuals suffering wrongful injury, Sanford Rubenstein is senior partner… Read More »