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Personal Injury Claims On the Rise at New York City Department of Corrections

A recent report shows a drastic increase in personal injury claims filed against the New York City Department of Corrections. Between just 2013 and 2014 claims rose 37 percent, and since 2009 they have risen a whopping 114 percent. The report comes at the same time as a lot of controversy surrounding issues of police… Read More »

$2M cost in cop’s slay of Brooklyn man

Attorney Sanford Rubenstein states, “This civil settlement should give some measure of justice to this family for this wrongful death.”

A $15 Million Suit in ‘Beat’: Cops hit and kicked me

Attorney Sanford Rubenstein states, “A notice of claim has been filed for 10 Million Dollars in damages on behalf of Troy Gerard against the City of New York and the NYPD.”​

Brooklyn attorney seeks to change police policy, pushes for Breathalyzer test for NYPD officers

Attorney Sanford Rubenstein States: “A state law must be enacted to require Breathalyzer testing for police officers who injure or kill a victim after firing their weapon.”

NYPD detective who fatally shot unarmed National Guardsman hit with departmental charges

ATTORNEY SANFORD RUBENSTEIN STATES: “Based on the facts as to what happened regarding the wrongful death of Sergeant Noel Polanco, these charges are appropriate. Cecilia Reyes, mother of deceased Sergeant, Noel Polanco, has said since the beginning of this tragedy, she believes Detective Hamdy should be removed from the police force.”

$2 Million to cop slay vic’s ma

Attorney Sanford Rubenstein states: “This is a fair settlement for damages for the wrongful death of a fine young soldier who should not have died the way he did.”

‘Bloody Shame’: Senior will sue for $5 million

Sanford Rubenstein states: “How could this happen in a city that has a new mayor who is a proud progressive and a new police commissioner who has committed to improve police community relations. All charges against this victim must be dropped. The focus of the Mayor and the police Commissioner must be how we prevent… Read More »

A New Law Is Needed

We have always taken the position that trial lawyers who represent victims have a responsibility not only to achieve appropriate damage awards for those who have suffered wrong doing at the hands of others, be it families who have lost a loved one, or the victims themselves, to work for change so what happened to… Read More »

Family of Brooklyn dad sues city for $10M after the father of 8 fatally collapsed during police raid

Feds probe fatal shooting by cop