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Burn Injuries by Any Cause Can be Painful, Costly and the Basis for a Monetary Recovery

While we typically consider fire and very hot surfaces to be the source of skin burns, the cause can be anything from chemicals to electrocution to ice. In fact, the skin is a vital organ of the human body that can suffer serious and debilitating injury by any number of means. Annually, about 224,000 Americans are burned to the point where they require emergency room treatment and surprisingly, 86 percent of those burns result from non-fire causes, according to the National Fire Protection Association.

Where those burns happen is, of course important to the burn victim who is seeking financial compensation for medical costs, as well as for time away from earning a living and the permanent physical damage and emotional pain that can occur. Burns to the skin create the particularly difficult lifelong challenge of affecting appearance. Each of the following scenarios are commonly cited in litigation:

  • The burn injury occurs at work. When employer negligence allows a dangerous situation to persist, the employee may be due workers’ compensation benefits and if injuries are caused by a third-party money damages are appropriate.
  • The burn injury occurs in a public place. Those are responsible for premises maintenance, either a private entity or the municipality, could be liable as well if at fault for a burn injury.
  • The burn injury occurs from product failure in the home, when the design, manufacture or accompanying instructions of a product cause a burn accident, the businesses involved can be held responsible for damages.
  • Negligence of others causing a fire.

When a burn injury happens to you or a loved one, a qualified burn injury attorney will be able to conduct a valid investigation into the causes of the burn and achieve an appropriate and fair settlement or jury verdict to compensate you for your losses.

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