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Coverup in Hit & Run

National Guardsman Shot by Detective

Rev. Sharpton’s National Action Network’s national convention in New York City

Participating as a panelist on April 4th at Rev. Sharpton’s National Action Network’s national convention in New York City, Crisis and  Criminal Justice Panel, attorney Sandord Rubenstein second from the left (next to Nicole Bell mother of the children of 50 shot victim Sean Bell), listens as the Rev. Al Sharpton leads the panel along… Read More »

Immigrants’ Rights to Sue for Personal Injuries

Every alien, weather in this country legally or not, has a right to sue those who physically injure them. Sugarman v Dougall, 412 US 634 (1973). An illegal/undocumented alien working off the books can recover for their loss of earnings. Balbuena v IDR Realty, 6 N.Y.3d 338 (2006). In Balbuena, the Court of Appeals noted… Read More »

New York Law Journal Announces Largest Settlements in 2012.

Rubenstein & Rynecki of Brooklyn, NY was published in the New York Law Journal as obtaining the largest medical malpractice settlement in New York for 2012, $17.9M. Sanford Rubenstein, Sr. Partner, states, “Justice was done.” Click to read full article:

Jamaica Avant Garde Designer Contest

Attorney Sanford Rubenstein was in Kingston, Jamaica as a specially invited guest and chief judge for SAINT International’s Avant Garde Designer of the Year competition. The competition will take place on March 16th, 2013. Deiwght Peters President and CEO of SAINT International Ltd. the Caribbean’s leading Model Management Company states: “Rubenstein is a friend of… Read More »

End “Stop & Frisk”

Rubenstein marches in a peaceful demonstration to end “stop & frisk” and racial profiling in New York City. He joined civil rights leader  Reverend Al Sharpton, President of the National Action Network, Benjamin Jealous, President of NAACP, as well as labor leader George Gresham, President of local 1199 leading the march.    

Famed Attorney Sanford Rubenstein Interview (3/5/2013)

Sanford Rubenstein will be interviewed tonight, March 5th, 2013, regarding the civil lawsuit brought by the estate of Michael Jackson for wrongful death. The interview will be televised at 8:00pm on Fuse Network, channel 197.  

Community Service Award to Sanford Rubenstein of Rubenstein & Rynecki

Attorney Sanford Rubenstein was presented with the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Community Service Award at the 17th annual Caribbean Images TV event on January 20th, 2013. Rubenstein not only led demonstrations for democracy in Haiti, but has also represented Haitians in New York in high profile civil rights cases including Abner Louima, who… Read More »

Balance of Powers

Attorney Sanford Rubenstein addressed students taking a class called “The Changing Environment of Society of Business and Government,” in  Florida at Florida Atlantic University on January 29th. In his talk, Rubenstein demonstrated to the students how our civil system of justice works as a check and balance of the powers of big corporations and big… Read More »