Each year, a significant number of injuries occur in the workplace across a wide variety of industries. Most of these injuries are the result of one of the following  common hazards:

  • Fire.  Regardless of what type of industry in which you work, fire is always a risk. According to the Seattle Fire Department’s Fire Prevention Division, anywhere between 70,000 and 80,000 fires will happen at American businesses every year. Organizations can prevent fire-related injuries by holding regular fire drills, having fire extinguishers throughout the premises and making sure employees know about emergency escape routes.
  • Falls and falling objects.  Falls are by far the most common type of injuries on construction sites, and falling objects are a risk for workers and passersby alike. Any time a job involves working at an elevated height, either of these types of accidents could occur. Prevention tactics include wearing appropriate safety equipment, such as harnesses and hard hats, and the use of safety nets or guardrails.
  • Repetitive motion injuries.  Whenever employees repeat the same action throughout the day, they are at risk of a repetitive motion injury. Typing all day, for example, could lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. Washing windows could cause shoulder problems. Prevent these types of injuries by taking regular breaks to rest your body.
  • Electricity.  Electricians, engineers and anyone else who regularly works with electricity is always at risk of a serious injury. These professionals are advised to be smart about their use of extension cords and power strips, and to keep liquids away from electrical equipment.
  • Chemicals.  Exposure to substances like gas, dust, liquids, fumes, corrosives and vapors can all lead to serious health conditions, so it is up to businesses to minimize these risks by providing workers with adequate protection.

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