An April 24 crane accident at a New York City construction site led to the death of one person, according to reports from the New York Fire Department. The  construction site  was on East 44th  Street in Manhattan between the Second and Third avenues.

A representative from the fire department told the media that the accident resulted from a mechanical problem rather than a collapse at the construction site. Emergency responders rushed to the scene as quickly as possible, followed by workers from the Department of Buildings, who helped get the scene under control. The fire department confirmed the victim was male but was unable to confirm his age or if he was a construction worker at the site. A reporter from Crain’s New York Business witnessed the accident and posted several photos on Twitter.

This incident is just the latest in a series of construction accidents that occurred throughout April. Earlier in the month, another construction site, just blocks away from this location, partially collapsed, causing four construction workers to be sent to Bellevue Hospital in serious condition.

Additional information on this latest accident is limited, but if it was truly caused by a mechanical issue, surviving loved ones of the victim could potentially file a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the equipment. Families file wrongful death claims against the party they believe to have been negligent in an accident. When accidents are the result of mechanical failures or defects in products, the manufacturer of those products or equipment could be at fault.

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