New York’s new Citi Bike program has largely been a success since it was launched at transit stations throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn in 2013. The program has led to the city having one of the highest bike share rates in the world, as every bike in New York is ridden approximately 8.3 times per day.

Now, those overseeing the program have  announced a plan  for further expansion, with new bright blue bike docking stations planned in Brooklyn and Queens. Citi Bike will also upgrade the wheels of its bikes, the logical next step after the organization has already worked to repair seats, replace pedals and tighten up brakes. There have also been reports indicating that Citi Bikes could eventually have screens that show how many calories the rider has burned on his or her trip. The software on a lot of the bike stations throughout the city has also been upgraded.

Leaders within Citi Bike hope that all of these upgrades will help to increase membership numbers. There has been some concern over the latest numbers, which show that membership is down approximately 12 percent, although there is expected to be an increase once summer weather hits the city. The company also hopes that its total number of bike stations will be doubled by 2017. There are currently 332 stations across New York City and approximately 6,000 bikes.

Although the Citi Bike program allows individuals to have access to high-quality bikes, it’s also important to note that ride share participants face certain risks. Last year, a 73-year-old man  sued Citi Bike  after he suffered a serious head injury at one of the program’s docking stations. This has been one of the latest issues in a series of injuries riders have experienced while using these bicycles.

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