A new lawsuit against the Rikers Island correctional facility alleges that a diabetic man incarcerated in the facility died after being denied medical treatment for a full two days. Linda Mercado, the sister of inmate Carlos Mercado, claims that her brother fell into a diabetic coma and died after guards failed to respond properly to the situation despite pleas for help from Mercado and nearby inmates.

Carlos Mercado was arrested on August 22, 2013 for heroin possession, and the next day was sent to Rikers Island. According to information in the suit, Mercado requested medical treatment for diabetes at the facility, but did not receive any. The family’s lawyer says that Mr. Mercado underwent a preliminary health examination, but never received the treatment he requested. Two days later, Mercado died after the alleged denial of treatment for his condition.

According to the Mercado legal team, Mercado cried out for help from guards and other inmates even joined in, but the guards failed to call for medical assistance until Mercado passed out, around 9:17 AM. At 9:36, the medical caregivers finally summoned pronounced him dead on location.

The Mercados’ lawsuit, which submits negligence charges for the New York City Department of Correction and Corizon Health, the medical care provider for city jails, is one of the latest in a long line of personal injury-related claims stretching back several years against the two organizations. The Mercados are seeking monetary damages for Carlos’ wrongful death.

Correctional officer negligence and mistreatment is a serious issue in New York City that’s appeared in a number of recent headlines. Victims and their families should review their options for taking legal action by consulting a qualified  personal injury  attorney.