A man in Valley Cottage, Rockland County, NY was recently awarded $2.3 million in a lawsuit that alleged malpractice on the part of a Nyack Hospital doctor. According to John Antonucci’s claim, the head of orthopedic surgery at the hospital failed to treat a serious infection that Antonucci suffered from, which caused irreparable damage and chronic, constant pain.

Court documents reveal that Antonucci was released from the hospital on October 1, 2010, despite test results indicating the presence of a serious bacterial infection. Two days later he returned to the hospital, and the infection had already caused severe damage to his hip. As a result, Antonucci had to undergo hip replacement surgery three months later.

In addition to the physical and emotional damage Mr. Antonucci suffered as a result of the malpractice, he is also now disabled and incapable of returning to his construction job in any capacity.  The $2.3 million result  takes into account lost wages and earning potential, medical coverage, rehabilitation, pain and suffering damages and more.

In failure to diagnose malpractice cases like Mr. Antonucci’s, a doctor is guilty of negligence because he or she failed to make a proper diagnosis despite evidence of illness or injury. By ruling in the plaintiff’s favor, the jury indicated that they believe that Antonucci’s physician in the case, Dr. Jason Fond, failed to meet the expectations of a “reasonably competent “ doctor in his analysis and treatment of Mr. Antonucci.

If you or your loved one suffers an injury or condition that results from doctor, nurse, hospital or other healthcare practitioner or facility negligence in New York City, consult a  medical malpractice  lawyer as soon as possible to review your legal options.