In March 2014, ESPN SportsCenter anchor Linda Cohn was making an appearance at an ice rink in Manhattan for a promotional event with players from the New York Rangers’ minor league affiliate team, the Hartford Wolf Pack. While she was there, she suffered a large gash after a group of kids pushed an arcade coin machine on top of her arm. The injury required 25 stitches.

Now,  Cohn is suing  Brewster Ice Arena for compensation, and claims that the still is suffering from significant pain and must limit in her daily activities due to the injury. The suit also names Steve Santini and Southeast Sports Complex LLC, the owner of the arena, as defendants.

Cohn mentions in the suit that the injury kept her from participating in the promotional event, and she blames the Brewster arena management for not doing more to prevent the accident and to provide a safe atmosphere.

Ms. Cohn’s lawsuit involves premises liability. In a premises liability case, the owners of a building or property are considered negligent if they failed to meet certain standards of safety for their visitors and customers. Cohn’s legal team are now likely investigating whether the coin machine was properly secured, whether there was adequate security and supervision in the arcade area to monitor children’s activity and who was working in the arena at the time of the accident as they build their case.

After suffering injury in accidents that result from dangerous or unmaintained conditions on a public or private property in New York City, victims have a right to take appropriate legal action. Consult an attorney for more information about how to proceed with a  premises liability  case.