Zemco Industries, Inc., a food company based out of Buffalo, NY that distributes its products throughout the state and beyond, announced a recall of nearly 107,000 pounds of its smoked sausages. According to the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), a division of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the company issued the recall due to issues of misbranding and the discovery of an undeclared allergen.

The  specific product being recalled  is the 2.5-pound packages of Cavanaugh Smoked Sausage, produced between June 11and August 1, 2014, with Use By dates ranging from September 9to October 30, 2014. For further identification, the product also has the number Est. 5222 on the package.

According to the company, the sausages were given a new formula and packaging, but employees used the old formula. The old formula contained soy, which was not on the new packaging’s ingredient lists. This means that anyone who has a soy allergy could suffer a reaction if he or she comes into contact with the mislabeled product.

The product was sent to a variety of distribution centers to be resold, and was also shipped directly to retail locations across the nation.

In the event that a victim suffers severe medical problems and allergic reactions after coming into contact with the sausages, a case could be made for negligence on the part of Zemco Industries, as the company failed to label the item accurately, misleading soy-allergic consumers into believing the product was safe.

To explore options for filing a  product liability claim  related to illness or an allergic reaction from these sausages or another mislabeled food item, consult a personal injury attorney in New York City.