More than a dozen people were injured in an accident when one tour bus, taking tourists through Times Square, hit another tour bus, then jumped the curb and knocked over a traffic light. The bus that caused the collision was a Gray Line sightseeing bus, and it collided with a blue City Sights tour bus. Both Gray Line and City Sights have the same parent company: Twin America.

According to a witness, the Gray Line bus should have stopped to pick up customers at the corner, but instead it  accelerated and collided  with the City Sights bus and a black concrete pedestrian bench. The bus hit several pedestrians standing in the surrounding area. Police arrested the bus driver for driving with ability impaired, but there were no specific mentions of the cause of the accident or what the driver’s specific impairment was.

Neither bus was fully occupied, and no one suffered life-threatening injuries, but three of the victims were listed as being in serious condition.

It is truly fortunate that neither bus was occupied with tourists, and that no one was fatally injured. However, those who were hurt in the accident are likely to file claims against Gray Line and Twin America for negligence, as well as the driver. Legal teams representing the victims are certain to look into the type of impairment affecting the driver, whether the driver had a history of accidents and whether Gray Line and Twin America properly vetted the driver hiring him.

If you suffer an injury in a  pedestrian accident  in New York City that results from a negligent driver’s actions, seek appropriate compensation with help from an attorney. You could be entitled to coverage of your medical costs lost wages, emotional pain and suffering and other damages.