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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Bodies botched at Medical Examiner

Attorney Sanford Rubenstein states, “The family of Aura Ballesteros is entitled to damages for emotional distress suffered as a result of the negligence and carelessness of the medical examiner’s office shipping her body without consent to a medical school for anatomical donations.

$500G in Fatal Jolt

Attorney Sanford Rubenstein states, “No amount of money can bring this young man back to us. This $500,000 settlement which will be paid by the city School Construction Authority and Contractor Five Star Electric is fair and reasonable.”

Sorrow & Fury: Mom to sue in fatal Queens creek-plunge crash

Attorney Sanford Rubenstein states, “This is a horrible tragedy that should never have happened. All of those who are responsible must be held accountable.

Beatdown Victim Charges Hasid Hate Frenzy

Attorney Sanford Rubenstein states, “Taj Patterson is fully cooperating with Brooklyn Prosecutors, those who committed this vicious beatdown must be brought to justice.”

Bridge Death Suit

Attorney Sanford Rubenstein states, “This was the third fatality at this very dangerous and deadly location created by the city Department of Transportation when the plaza was redesigned to create a bike lane, the family is entitled to damages for the wrongful death of this police officer.”

Justice Shatter – Rev. Al Back Kid Bashed by Cop

Attorney Sanford Rubinstein states, “There is no excuse whatsoever for an NYPD Police Sargent to smash a 14-year old boys head into a plate glass window.”