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Monthly Archives: February 2014

We’ll sue bar: Bus victim’s kin

Attorney Sanford Rubenstein States: “Our law firm will conduct an independent investigation to determine who will be named as defendants in a civil law suit for damages for wrongful death. We are looking not only at Dominick Whilby, but also at any nightclubs, hotels or individuals who served or gave him alcoholic beverages that night… Read More »

$2 Million to cop slay vic’s ma

Attorney Sanford Rubenstein states: “This is a fair settlement for damages for the wrongful death of a fine young soldier who should not have died the way he did.”

‘Avonte’ Echo

  Sanford Rubenstein states: “Children with disabilities must be under the supervision of school personnel at all time.  Leaving a 5 year old who suffers from cerebral palsy unattended in school to wander around on his own is unacceptable and should not be happening in our schools.  What happened to Avonte Oquendo, must never happen… Read More »