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Monthly Archives: November 2012

“They Missed It”: Serious Consequence of Medical Misdiagnosis

Each day New Yorkers seek medical advice from physicians. Usually advice and care is good, but when it is not – it may be medical malpractice. Medical misdiagnosis is a common form of malpractice and takes several forms, including failure to diagnose and false diagnosis. Both failure to diagnose and false diagnosis can have deadly… Read More »

Army National Guard Sargent Killed By NYPD Detective

NYPD Detective is to meet with presecutors regarding the Queens Grand Jury to be conveined in January 2013 for the death of Noel Polanco. Noel was pulled over on Grand Central Parkway by off-duty detective, Hassam Hamdy. Detective Hamdy claims he ordered Noel to put his hands up, but that he reach down. However, witness Diane… Read More »

Medical Malpractice

Horrific accidents happen every day – car and construction accidents, negligence on the street or in the workplace. However, some of the most disturbing injuries are caused by medical malpractice. Individuals who place themselves in the hands of trusted professionals and find that trust misplaced – and their life will never be the same. From… Read More »

Dangerous By Design: The Dangers of Unsafe Roads in New York

Most drivers and pedestrians understand the dangers of distracted, drunk, or reckless driving. But how many drivers and pedestrians understand the dangers of the road beneath their car or person? Sometimes dangerous underfoot is at fault for your accident. A common cause of dangerous underfoot is defective design or negligent roadway maintenance. Several ways to… Read More »