Each day New Yorkers seek medical advice from physicians.   In emergency rooms, doctors’ offices, and clinics, people from all walks of life depend on advice and care from healthcare providers.   Usually, advice and care are good, but when it is not – it may be medical malpractice.

Misdiagnosis is a common form of malpractice and takes several forms, including:

  • Failure to diagnose.  Failure to properly diagnose a serious or chronic illness can have deadly results.   In acute care, failure to recognize incipient symptoms quickly leads to  stroke, heart attack or sepsis, among other fast-developing conditions.
  • False diagnosis.  Treating the wrong condition can lead to death.   Many forms of cancer are treatable if diagnosed early – but treatment windows close as cancer progresses undiagnosed.

Our firm pursues doctors when negligence hurts – or kills – our clients.   However, not every mistake is negligence. Medical diagnosis is an imperfect science. Despite good tools and best practices, even good doctors err.

Proving medical malpractice depends on proof of negligence – provision of care below a standard level expected in the healthcare field.   It may be a doctor who makes a glaring diagnostic error or fails to order a test. Or it may not be the attending physician at all but the professional who conducted or read the test.   However, whatever form it takes, misdiagnosis is dangerous – and sometimes deadly.

We have a long history of obtaining maximum compensation for seriously injured clients in New York. If you or a loved one suffers injury through medical misdiagnosis – we can help.