Crime victims suffer from emotional trauma and oftentimes physical injury. Criminal  law empowers state and federal law enforcement to prosecute accused parties for violation of laws of society and seeks to punish those convicted through fines, penalties, and imprisonment.

While restitution or victim compensation monies are sometimes available, funds are usually insufficient or uncollectable. A civil action allows a person injured through the misconduct or malicious intent of another to sue for compensation that addresses monetary, physical, and emotional injuries suffered.

Rubenstein and Rynecki have handled numerous cases in which the victim suffered serious injuries as a result of a criminal act. The most well-known example is that of victim Abner Louima who was sodomized by a police officer in a Brooklyn police station. Louima received 8.75 million dollars in civil damages; one police officer was sentenced to 30 years in jail and another served five years.

Rubenstein and Rynecki also represent Basketball Wives Jennifer Williams, who has filed a criminal complaint, as well as a civil complaint for injuries sustained when she was assaulted and battered by a fellow cast member on a nationally air episode of  Basketball Wives.

In addition, Rubenstein and Rynecki also represent Christin Myles who alleges she was punched in the face by professional football player Brandon Marshall. The matter is being investigated criminally and she has a right to bring, if she chooses, a civil action for damages. Many times when there is a criminal prosecution for a criminal act the civil action for damages will be placed on hold until the criminal case is completed. The civil action for damages will then follow after the criminal matter has been completed.

If you are injured through the misconduct of others, we have the skill and experience to successfully fight for what is right both civically and criminally – and for the fair compensation you deserve.