Celebrating her 24th birthday, Christin Myles was enjoying time with friends at the Marquee, a Chelsea nightclub in the early hours of Sunday, March, 11, 2012.   Ms. Myles upon leaving the club, contends that Brandon “The Beast” Marshal punched her in the head without provocation, damaging her eye and effecting her vision – bruising and  damaging her eye, and affecting her vision.

Accompanied by Rubenstein and Rynecki, Sanford Rubenstein, Ms. Myles who is cooperating with detectives and prosecutes in this matter spoke with 10th  Precinct, stating,  I want him held criminally accountable for what he did to me.

A recent trade from Miami, Mr. Marshall has a storied legal past while playing in the National Football League (NFL).   With a history of arrests for disorderly conduct, drunk driving, and alleged domestic abuse, Mr. Marshall admitted escalating a Denver nightclub altercation that ended with the shooting death of Denver Broncos teammate Darrent Williams in 2007.

At the Marquee, his attorney states Mr. Marshall and his wife were attempting to leave the premises after his wife was injured in the face with a bottle.

Mr. Rubenstein noted Ms. Myles continues to cooperate with detectives and prosecutors investigating the alleged assault.   Mr. Rubenstein added Ms. Myles  described in detail what happened on the street in front of the club when Brandon Marshall hauled back and punched her in the face, hitting her eye and causing her to be violently thrown to the ground.

Criminal or civil charges have not yet been filed in the case.