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Herniated Disc Injuries

Herniated Disc Injuries

Getting Legal Help with Herniated Disc Injuries in New York

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A rear-end collision or other type of vehicle crash in New York City can create a forceful impact on your body. Despite a considerable jolt, you may not initially foresee spending years dealing with herniated disc injuries. Herniated discs are back and spinal injuries that sometimes result in permanent disability.

At Rubenstein & Rynecki, our attorneys can protect your rights to recover compensation and argue under New York no-fault laws that your injury is serious. When injury meets the statute threshold of “serious,” it allows you to sue a negligent party and recover compensation.

What are herniated discs?

Discs consist of a ring of cartilage and a jelly-like middle. They act as cushions or shock absorbers between the vertebrae. When a disc is herniated, it bulges between the vertebrae. It may rupture and lose fluid as well. When the injury compresses the nerve root close to the disc, it can generate extreme pain. Symptoms vary greatly depending on the disc location and extent of injury. Symptoms often include:

  • Pain in the buttock, down the leg to the ankle
  • Pain near the lowest ribs and front thigh
  • Pain in the shoulders, arms or chest
  • Numbness in the same areas
  • Weakness in the same areas
  • Deep muscle pain
  • Muscle spasms

However, when nerves are not affected by the injury, you may feel no symptoms at all.

Common accident causes

Any type of traffic accident can create an impact that results in herniated discs ― auto accidents, a truck accident, a motorcycle accident or a pedestrian struck by a vehicle. Injuries can also occur as a result of a slip and fall on someone else’s property or a work injury.


Treatment for herniated discs can range from physical therapy, pain medication and epidurals to surgery. Medications attempt to reduce swelling, relax muscle spasms and provide pain relief. Physical therapy can teach you how to move to avoid further pain or injury. Various types of surgery are available in some cases. Surgeons can perform various types of operations, such as removing part of the damaged disc, removing the disc and inserting an artificial disc or performing fusion, where the surgeon removes the disc and fuses two vertebrae together.

Medical bills often run high and your ability to work can be limited. Get legal help with your herniated disc injury so you can afford quality treatment.

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