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How much does a Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

How much does a Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

How Much Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Cost in New York City?

People often worry that they need a lawyer but cannot afford to pay for one. However, in a personal injury case, you have no out-of-pocket expenses. New York City personal injury law firms take cases based on contingency fees ― meaning no recovery, no fees.

In a personal injury case, the court awards you compensation for injuries or your attorney negotiates a settlement that awards you compensation. At Rubenstein & Rynecki, our attorneys have the legal skills, experience and knowledge necessary to recover damages and we always work to maximize your recovery.

The court adjudicates how liability is determined. Recoverable compensation is proportionate to the percentage of negligence or liability that the court assigns to the other party or parties in the lawsuit. Lawyers get paid a percentage of the compensation recovered.

How attorney costs work

New York statutes set the guidelines for how attorneys can charge clients based on contingency. The statute states that lawyer's percentage of the recovery is a percentage of the net sum recovered after deducting certain expenses, such as:

  • Expert testimony fees. Some cases require the testimonial of expert witnesses. This is particularly true in medical malpractice cases, where you must prove the medical practitioner departed from acceptable medical standards.
  • Investigation services. Private investigators are often necessary to gather evidence in a case.
  • Other professional services. Accountants or economic experts may be needed to estimate damages and provide documentation to substantiate the recovery amounts being sought in the lawsuit.

Attorneys cannot deduct for liens, assignments or claims in favor of hospitals, medical care, dental care, podiatric care, doctor's and nurses' treatment, self-insurers or insurance carriers.

The New York statute allows contingency fees as follows:

  • 30 percent of the first $250,000 of the sum recovered
  • 25 percent of the next $250,000 of the sum recovered
  • 20 percent of the next $500,000 of the sum recovered
  • 15 percent of the next $250,000 of the sum recovered
  • 10 percent of any amount over $1,250,000 of the sum recovered

Representing victims since 1972

Rubenstein & Rynecki and its predecessor firms have been representing victims in New York City since 1972. If you or a loved one has been hurt in an accident, major or minor, suffered medical malpractice or been a victim of police misconduct, you may be entitled to money damages. Rubenstein & Rynecki may be able to help you. No recovery, no fee. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Case Results

  • $62 million verdict

    $62 million verdict for medical malpractice causing double amputation

  • $22.9 million verdict

    $22.9 million verdict (reduced on appeal) for a motorcyclist struck by a milk truck in Queens

  • $17.9 million

    $17.9 million for medical malpractice causing amputation of hands and feet