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Attorney Sanford Rubenstein Addresses the Press During the Abner Louima NYPD Police Torture Proceeding

New York Accident Attorney

It is often difficult for victims of accidents to decide to sue for damages, but sometimes it is the best way to ensure medical bills, lost wages, and additional expenses are recovered. If you suffer injury through someone else’s negligence, consult with an attorney to decide how your situation will best be handled in court.

Because there are different reasons for seeking compensation, an experienced injury lawyer will help you determine your best steps for proceeding. While a courtroom trial is an option, a skilled lawyer will be able to determine whether you should attempt to settle out of court or sue for damages.

Seeking Compensation in Manhattan

After an injury, victims are entitled to recovery time and, in many instances, compensation. While recovering, you may not have a way to handle practical financial or personal obligations due to lost wages, medical bills, or emotional distress. In these instances, it is important to contact accident attorneys to determine the appropriate course of action.

Medical expenses, current and future lost wages, loss of function of injured areas, and permanent scarring or disfigurement are all grounds for filing a personal injury lawsuit. These conditions are the easiest to prove in the courtroom. However, not all injuries are physical, and pain and suffering is a large part of most cases. Victims suffering from emotional distress may also be eligible for financial compensation, regardless of the presence of any physical injury.

After your injury, consult medical and legal professionals to ensure that you will be able to accurately represent the impact and extent personal injuries have had on your life.

Types of Accidents in NYC

Busy streets may make car accidents the most common type of accident in New York. But accident victims deserve fair compensation when they suffer injury from virtually any accident situation caused by the negligence of other parties. At Rubenstein & Rynecki, we advocate on behalf of injury victims in NYC, Manhattan, and statewide. We help our clients with a wide variety of personally injury matters, including (but not limited to) the following:

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Contact our NY Accident Law Firm

If you have suffered accident injuries, or are the caretaker or legal guardian of someone who has, contact Rubenstein & Rynecki immediately. We understand the hardships faced by our clients and know how to relay the degree of that suffering to the court. As lawyers, we are able to explain your options and represent your case in a qualified and knowledge-driven manner.

Do not wait to get the compensation you deserve. We diligently represent clients in Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn, so call us today at 800 447-HURT.

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Scott Rynecki was selected a 2013 Super Lawyer by other injury attorneys. This honor is only given to the top 5% of attorneys.