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Car Accidents

Car Accidents

Brooklyn Car Accidents Lawyers Serving New York City Car Accident Victims

$25 Million jury verdict (reduced on appeal)for a family who suffered the loss of two children in a tragic motor vehicle accident

New York law firm handles car accident cases

The attorneys at the Brooklyn-based law firm Rubenstein & Rynecki have more than 30 years of experience fighting for maximum awards for victims of New York car accidents.

If you or someone you know suffered injury in a car accident, you may benefit from the services of an accident lawyer. Contact the law firm of Rubenstein & Rynecki today for a free consultation. No recovery, no fee.

Factors that contribute to car accidents

Multiple factors can contribute to car accidents, and many are the result of some form of negligence by others. Lawyers may be able to help prove that someone else was negligent in your case and gain maximum compensation for your losses. Some common contributory factors in car accidents include the following:

  • Driving while distracted. Examples include using cell phones, eating, and putting on makeup. In New York, driving while texting or talking on a handheld device is against the law.
  • Traffic law violations. Speeding, tailgating, improper lane changing, and failing to yield the right of way often lead to accidents. If a traffic citation is issued at the scene of a car accident, claims of negligence are strengthened.
  • Driver error. Inattention, aggressive driving, fatigue, drowsiness, and distractions are forms of driver error.
  • Equipment failure. Mechanical failures that lead to car accidents sometimes involve brakes, tires, steering mechanisms, or suspension. These circumstances might indicate negligence on the part of the owner or operator of the car, a mechanic, or the manufacturer for designing or manufacturing flawed equipment.
  • Road conditions. Weather, road construction, debris on the roadway, or even potholes can affect road conditions. If such conditions contribute to a crash, negligence is sometimes involved — and sometimes the government is the negligent party. There are special rules and time limits for filing a car accident claim with a government entity. An attorney can help to facilitate your claim.
  • Road design. Flawed road design often involves intersections, merging lanes, and traffic control devices. If the design of the road is determined to be a contributing factor in a crash, the government may be liable to compensate you.

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Representing victims since 1972

Rubenstein & Rynecki and its predecessor firms have been representing victims since 1972. If you or a loved one has been hurt in an accident, major or minor, suffered medical malpractice or been a victim of police misconduct, you may be entitled to money damages. The skilled New York lawyers of Rubenstein & Rynecki may be able to help you. No recovery, no fee. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Case Results

  • $62 million verdict

    $62 million verdict for medical malpractice causing double amputation

  • $22.9 million verdict

    $22.9 million verdict (reduced on appeal) for a motorcyclist struck by a milk truck in Queens

  • $17.9 million

    $17.9 million for medical malpractice causing amputation of hands and feet