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Klumpke Palsy

Klumpke Palsy

New York Attorneys Seek Damages for Klumpke Palsy

$5 Millionfor the family of a woman who died at childbirth as the result of medical malpractice at a Bronx hospital

Aggressive representation when birth injury causes newborn’s paralysis

Expectant parents hope more than anything that their child will arrive healthy. Unfortunately, this is far from guaranteed and a poor outcome alone does not entitle the child or parents to be compensated. However, when a medical professional makes a mistake during delivery that inflicts harm on a newborn, the child is entitled to compensation. The personal injury lawyers at Rubenstein & Rynecki strongly believe in holding doctors accountable for medical malpractice. We work with qualified medical experts to investigate questionable deliveries and assess the true extent of your child’s injury. We work tirelessly to achieve the maximum recovery possible so you can meet your child’s future needs.

Understanding Klumpke’s palsy and how it occurs

Dejerine-Klumpke palsy, also known as Klumpke’s paralysis or simply Klumpke’s palsy, is a type of brachial palsy in newborn babies. The brachial plexus is a network of nerves running from the neck region to the shoulder. Damage to these nerves often occurs during childbirth, producing a variety of injuries that include Erb’s palsy, cerebral palsy and Klumpke, which affects the infant’s ability to lift its arm or grip with its hand. This birth injury can also produce what is called “claw hand,” where the muscles of the wrist and fingers are unusually tightened. This condition can also cause the newborn severe pain.

Klumpke can occur during a difficult delivery when:

  • A nerve is severed from the spine (avulsion)
  • Tearing of the nerve occurs but not at the spine (rupture)
  • An injured nerve heals but pressure from scar tissue prevents it from transmitting signals to the arm or hand muscles (neuroma)
  • A nerve is damaged but not torn (neuropraxia)

Symptoms vary from mild to severe. Another possible complication of Klumpke’s is Horner’s syndrome, a condition that affects the child’s face, causing contracted pupil, drooping eyelid and the inability to sweat on that side of the face.

Liability for Klumpke’s palsy

Doctors should be able to detect if an expectant mother is in danger of having the type of difficult labor that can result in Klumpke’s, and take precautions against it. Mothers carrying an especially large child, mothers with prior caesarian deliveries, who have gestational diabetes or a small pelvis are at risk. A doctor who fails to notice these factors or take steps to manage them may be liable when an infant suffers Klumpke’s.

Contact our New York birth injury attorneys to discuss Klumpke’s palsy

If your doctor failed to take routine precautions to protect your baby from Klumpke’s palsy, Rubenstein & Rynecki is prepared to help. Our multi-million dollar recoveries in medical malpractice cases include various birth injuries. To learn how our skilled lawyers can handle your case, schedule a free consultation by calling us at 718-522-1020 or contacting our office online.

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