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Can I sue in a Bike Accident?

Can I sue in a Bike Accident?

Can I Sue in a New York Bike Accident?

In New York City, depending on the seriousness of your bike accident injury and the other person’s negligence, you can sue.

Our attorneys at Rubenstein & Rynecki have successfully handled all types of accident cases for more than three decades. We fight tenaciously to prove the other party’s negligence and protect your rights.

Forms of negligence in bike accidents

According to a New York City government study, nearly all bicycle accident fatalities occurred through motor vehicle crashes. Motor vehicles include taxi cabs, passenger cars, vans, SUVs (sports utility vehicles) trucks, buses and motorcycles.  An estimated 89 percent of bicycle crashes occurred at intersections. Nearly all bicycle fatalities involved the following:

  • Poor driving
  • Poor bicycle riding practices
  • Driver inattention
  • Driver disregard for traffic signals and signs

Common injuries

Serious bike crash injuries that required going to the hospital included:

  • Amputation
  • Concussion
  • Internal bleeding
  • Severe burns
  • Fracture
  • Dislocation

Keep in mind that debilitating, life-changing and permanent injuries can also occur, such as brain injury or spinal injury.

How to file a claim

For minor property damage, you can handle the no-fault insurance claim yourself. However, when you suffer injury, you should consult with a lawyer to help you with your claim. Most attorneys take personal injury cases under the terms of “no recovery, no fee” and offer a free consultation for case evaluation.

When another driver causes your bicycle crash, we can file your claim with that motorist’s insurance company as a no-fault claim. Their insurance must cover your "reasonable and necessary medical expenses" as explained (New York Insurance Law, Article 51). This means they cover medical bills and lost wages related to your bike crash injury. You have 30 days to file a no-fault application with the insurance company for your claim.

No-fault compensation is different than recovering compensation for pain and suffering. When your injuries meet the New York Insurance Law injury threshold, your attorney also can sue for pain and suffering.

Rather than jeopardizing your case, you are wise to seek our legal help because we can deal with the complicated legal issues involved. We handle insurance company communications, deal with their tactics and work effectively to maximize your recovery.

Representing victims since 1972

Rubenstein & Rynecki may be able to help you. No recovery, no fee. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Case Results

  • $62 million verdict

    $62 million verdict for medical malpractice causing double amputation

  • $22.9 million verdict

    $22.9 million verdict (reduced on appeal) for a motorcyclist struck by a milk truck in Queens

  • $17.9 million

    $17.9 million for medical malpractice causing amputation of hands and feet